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Swiss score low for parental leave

Switzerland has been ranked near the bottom of a survey in terms of both generosity and gender equality of parental leave.

The study, by the United States-based Center for Economic and Policy Research, found that Swiss neighbour Germany and the Nordic countries topped the list.

The research looked into 21 high-income nations and showed that Sweden ranked highest for gender equality of parental leave – meaning fathers were included too - while Germany and Sweden were the most generous in time, both offering 47 weeks.

They were followed by Norway offering 44 paid weeks, Greece with 34 weeks, Finland with 32 weeks and Canada with 29 weeks.

Switzerland, which only offers 14 weeks paid at 80 per cent of usual wages, came second from the bottom in the ranking for generosity, with the US and Australia tied for the lowest spot.

The Swiss also came 21st when it came to gender equality. The country offers no statutory paid paternity leave, leaving it up to the discretion of the employer. Most companies offer between one and three days. Some allow up to two weeks.

Women only gained statutory maternity leave in 2005. and agencies