A quick peek

The quirkier side to Swiss lives


Max Grüter, artist, Zurich, visited in July 2010.

Rachel Kolly d'Alba, violinist, Montreux, visited in February 2013.

Tobias Jundt, singer in the rock band Bonaparte, on the road in his tour bus, visited in August 2012.

Trudi Gerster, storyteller, Basel, visited in December 2008.

Andreas Bründler, architect, Basel, visited in April 2010.

Kacey Mottet Klein, actor, Bussigny-près-Lausanne, visited in April 2010.

Shawne Fielding, interior designer, villa on Lake Zurich, visited in September 2009.

Jakob Frei, farmer in Toggenburg, visited in October 2009.

Fer Werthmüller, natural philosopher, Emme river bank, visited in July 2011.

Aniya Seki, professional boxer, Köniz near Bern, visited in August 2011.

Chantal Michel, artist, Kiesen, visited in August 2009.

Frank and Patrick Riklin, conceptual artists, St Gallen, visited in November 2008.




Artists, outsiders, models ... they are among the 100 "people with interesting ways of life" depicted in a new Swiss photo book. The portraits were taken from a series on the Swiss at home, published in the SonntagsZeitung newspaper since 2002.

The photos by Philipp Rohner show some living in a castle or a lakeside villa, with heated pools and air-conditioned dressing rooms, while others call a makeshift hut, a tour bus or the mountain their homes and use wood and petrol for heat and light.

What they have in common is they have managed to create, as the blurb puts it, “their very personal expression of the concept of the home”.

The living quarters are usually carefully tidied up in anticipation of the photographer’s arrival and sometimes a cat, dog or rabbit even makes it into the picture.

The original newspaper series included around 600 Swiss at home.

"Daheim – So wohnt die Schweiz" (At home, this is how the Swiss live), is published by Fona in German.

(Pictures: Philipp Rohner, Text: Andreas Keiser, swissinfo.ch)

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