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Swiss education system - overview

Switzerland's universities, technology institutes and other learning centres put the country's education system among the world's best.

State school system

Every child in Switzerland must go to school until around age 15, after which students are funnelled into apprenticeships or university tracks.

Higher education admission

Being admitted as a foreigner into the Swiss higher education system requires high marks, language skills and, in some cases, work experience.

Permits and visas

Students wishing to study in Switzerland must obtain the proper permits from the authorities to stay in the country. Here's how the process works.

Scholarships and exchanges

The Swiss government offers scholarships to foreign students from a large number of countries, including the United States, Australia and India.

More on Swiss education

Schooling in Switzerland is a responsibility devolved to the cantons, meaning there are 26 different education systems in the country.

Trends in research

With its ten universities and two institutes of technology, Switzerland is at the forefront of research in many areas.