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Work permits

Obtaining a permit to work in Switzerland depends on many factors, including where you are from, the skills you have and quotas. Switzerland has ...

Swiss work culture

People in full-time posts work an average of 41 hours and 10 minutes a week in Switzerland; but an increasing number choose to work less.

Job applications

Applying for a position in Switzerland may follow procedures different from those in the job-seeker's home country. Here are some tips on how to ...

Social security and pensions

Swiss social security is split into three ‘pillars’, to help retired people continue to finance their way of life after retirement. 

Employment and placement agencies

Whether you are a European or a third-state national looking to work in Switzerland, the search for a professional post should begin here. ...

Apprenticeship agreements

Switzerland has concluded agreements with 13 countries outside of the EU, including the United States, so young people can extend their job and ...


While Swiss entrepreneurial spirit runs deep across the country, setting out on your own as a self-employed foreigner requires permits and permission.

Buying property

In the most practical terms, investing in Switzerland can mean simply owning a holiday home, starting a business or buying stocks. Here's what you ...

Chambers of commerce

Switzerland has numerous chambers of commerce charged with promoting better business ties between Switzerland and the outside world. There are ...