(Bloomberg) -- The great and the good of the global economy will start schmoozing in Davos, Switzerland, on Wednesday. Those attending the World Economic Forum's 46th annual meeting will ponder the urgent issues of the day (this year's theme is "The Fourth Industrial Revolution"), hash out deals, and fight to get into the best cocktail parties.

In between celebrity sightings, what everyone will really be talking about are the big risks they're going to have to deal with when they get home.

At least they're not in imminent danger of getting replaced by a robot, unlike some of the people they're hearing about in the WEF's latest research.

Switzerland is famously expensive, and this extends to the WEF. Revenue from fees charged to sponsor its conferences, in Davos and beyond, has climbed steadily.  

The Davos mountaintop constitutes a bizarre bubble in many ways, not least in its persistent gender inequality. Having faced sharp criticism about this over the years, the WEF is getting a bit better: Half of the conference's six co-chairs are women. There's still a long way to go.

Nonetheless, men and women alike will be enjoying the fabulousness ...Rock Star Davos

* Government rock star: Justin Trudeau

* Business rock star: Mary Barra

* Economic rock star: Christine Lagarde

* Banking rock star: Tidjane Thiam

* Hollywood rock star: Leonardo DiCaprio

* Robot rock star: HUBO

* Rock star denier:*

* Actual rock star: Bono

*Listed in program as William Adams, founder of the I.Am.Angel Foundation. All are scheduled to attend.

... With security to match.Safe and Sound

* Switzerland has deployed a total of 4,500 military and police, about 5 percent of them full-time soldiers.

* Security includes two surface-to-air missile systems.

* About 100 of the 2,500 participants get special security coverage.

* Attendees will be hemmed in by 46 kilometers of fences, 10 percent more than a year ago.

* Zurich Airport will contend with about 1,000 additional plane and helicopter takeoffs and landings during the meeting.

Sources: Zurich Airport, Swiss army and police for the Canton of Graubuenden.

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