Law and order

The dead wolf as she was found in a forest
Four young women go out for a bike ride in 1944
Lobsiger sees a stark contradiction in the bill about public procurement. Last year he said access to documents of the federal administration reached a record number 
Winterthur has been an area of concern for potential jihadists
A widespread issue - Moroccan women look at photographs of under-age brides during an exhibition in Rabat
Anne Brasseur heads a working group examining good governance of sports organisations 
The prosecution had sought a conviction of fraud and various fines amounting to over CHF10,000.
Canton Ticino's migration office is at the centre of the alleged illegal residence permit scandal
Up to CHF20,000 could be paid in reparations for very severe cases of abuse.
A man holds fake dollars and Peruvian currency during a protest against former president Alejandro Toledo in Lima, Peru. A Swiss-based institute is trying to reduce corruption there.
Switzerland accounts for only 2% of the global art market but is a major player with major international art shows like Art Basel 
Norman Gobbi, head of cantonal security, speaks to the media about the arrests along with the head of the cantonal migration office, Thomas Ferrari


A dark chapter in Swiss history

Up until the 1980s tens of thousands of people in Switzerland, like the homeless and prostitutes, were locked away for 're-education', without ...

A makeshift tent at Bremgarten forest, as seen a year after the men moved in
A protest about the Trump ban was held at the International arrivals of Boston's Logan International Airport on January 28
A guard keeps watch outside the military court in Yverdon-les-Bains
A woman begs for coins in the French-speaking part of Switzerland.