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following william england What iconic Swiss spots looked like 150 years ago

William England's Alpine pictures, made using an innovative photographic technique, were a resounding success. Today, they're being re-created.

Future of transport EPFL pulls out of Hyperloop to focus on sustainability

The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne has announced that it will no longer compete in the Elon Musk-organised transport competition.

This content was published on October 14, 2019 10:07 AM

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Natural disasters Rocks on mountain trails

The shrinking of the glacier has resulted in rocks falling on the mountain trail which leads up to the Lauteraar mountain hut, at 2,9392 metres ...

SERIES ON SWISS GLACIERS: 2,000 – 3,000 METRES As glaciers shrink, are the Alps more dangerous?

Melting of the glaciers means more risk of landslides and flooding. Yet it is also opening up new opportunities for Alpine tourism. 

Political activism 100,000 gather in Bern for climate demo

Thousands demonstrated in the Swiss capital on Saturday to demand that politicians and individuals take action against climate change.

Climate strikes Switzerland’s Greta is called Marie-Claire

Student Marie-Claire Graf initiated climate strikes in Switzerland and took part in the first youth climate summit in New York.

Borneo tribe Documenting the last of Malaysia's Penan nomads

Swiss photographer Tomas Wüthrich offers insight into the way of life of the Penan, a threatened indigenous group from the Sarawak rainforest.

Doomed paradise of the Penan

The destruction of the rainforest in Borneo is threatening the traditional way of life of the Penan, a nomad tribe, in Borneo. In the book ...

Innovation Swiss president highlights digital responsibility in New York

Speaking in front of the UN General Assembly on Tuesday, Ueli Maurer described the UN Charter and the Geneva Conventions as “compasses of values” ...

This content was published on September 25, 2019 8:50 AM