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Wolves Swiss wolf puppies: Small, fluffy, playful

In the canton of Ticino's Valle Morobbia, four young wolves were discovered through a photo trap.

Birds of prey Red kites on the rise

There are more and more red kites in Switzerland, and the Swiss Ornithological Institute is investigating why. Swiss Public Television, SRF went ...

Greenland field trip Swiss president views Arctic climate change

Swiss President Doris Leuthard is in Greenland learning about the impact of climate change on the Arctic.

Climate change Gruesome discoveries a sign of rapidly retreating glaciers


The finds of human remains in the Alps are a reminder that glaciers are melting rapidly, and could disappear entirely by the end of the century.

Alternative power Invisible solar energy

More and more houses are being built with solar panels on the roofs and photovoltaics embedded in the façades, which can deliver the entire energy ...

Drone technology Swiss startup flies a kite to produce wind power


Switzerland's Twingtec project has designed a high-altitude solution to harvest wind power in places where normal wind turbines can’t be built.

Ice discovery Mummified bodies found in Swiss glacier

The frozen remains of a Swiss couple have been found in a glacier in Switzerland. They were farmers who went missing 75 years ago.

Wolf Big, yes, but bad? Carnivore divides Swiss opinion

Emotions run high whenever this elusive creature appears. As wolves make a comeback in Switzerland, they spark feelings of awe and fear.