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may vote Unions say anti-EU initiative is bad for workers

Trade unions have said scrapping the freedom of movement agreement with the European Union, saying a “yes” vote would be “an attack on all workers”.

This content was published on February 24, 2020 1:49 PM

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Würenlingen plane crash ‘Goodbye everybody’: the Swissair 330 disaster

On February 21, 1970, Swissair 330 bound for Tel Aviv crashed shortly after take-off from Zurich, killing all 47 people on board.

Women in parliament – Johanna Gapany ‘You can’t say we progress quickly, but we progress well’

Johanna Gapany caused an upset to become Switzerland’s youngest senator in 2019. How does the 31-year-old plan to change politics?

Human rights Can Switzerland compel its citizens to do public service?

A popular initiative calls for the introduction of mandatory civic duty to help solve challenges facing Swiss society.

Spying scandal Ex-cabinet members had knowledge of Crypto business dealings, say papers

The Crypto leaks scandal continues to shake the Swiss political establishment with more revelations about who in the government knew what, and when.

This content was published on February 16, 2020 12:31 PM

Spying scandal   How can Switzerland get answers on the Crypto affair?  

To shed light on the Crypto scandal, Switzerland may set up a rare parliamentary commission of inquiry.

Disability claim Disabled refugee’s child benefit can be paid abroad, court rules

A refugee receiving disability insurance in Switzerland can claim disabled people’s child benefit, even if their children live abroad.

This content was published on February 14, 2020 12:40 PM

Spying affair Has ‘Crypto Leaks’ exposed Swiss neutrality as a sham?

Swiss politicians, historians and the media are debating the possible consequences of the latest spying scandal for the country’s credibility. 

Women in Parliament – Corina Gredig Building bridges between society, business, and the environment

Switzerland should take a leading global role on climate and environmental protection, Corina Gredig believes.

Trust no one Busted! Swiss spy scandals through the years

As Switzerland reels from a decades-old spying affair, here are some of the country’s most scandalous cases of espionage and data theft.