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Troubling trend Anti-Jewish conspiracy theories make a comeback

Last year, cases of anti-Semitism rose in French-speaking Switzerland. The phenomenon is also noticeable in the German-speaking part of the country.

20 years of The day Switzerland found its online voice

SWI is 20 years old today. It still fulfills its predecessor Swiss Radio International’s mission but by means barely existent in 1999.

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Circus Knie centenary The circus reflects society – with or without bearded women

Circus Knie, often called Switzerland’s national circus, will soon set off on its centenary tour. But does it still make people dream as in 1919?

Anarchists in Switzerland part 2 The bombers of Zurich: how two Russians shaped Swiss history

In 1889, a Russian student in Zurich accidentally blew himself up. In the aftermath of the incident, a crackdown on undesirables in Switzerland.

Close links Good neighbours: Liechtenstein turns 300

The Principality of Liechtenstein is marking its tercentenary. But 2019 is also 100 years since its rapprochement with Switzerland.