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Child labour in Switzerland The stolen childhood of the factory children

Many children slaved away in Swiss factories during the industrial revolution. A political outsider helped ban child labour relatively early.

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Vote analysis Swiss expats buck the pension reform trend

Unlike their compatriots in Switzerland, Swiss voters who live abroad came out massively in favour of a wide-ranging pension reform.

Second pillar of the community Occupational pensions, a hidden Swiss treasure

Swiss pension savings far exceed gross domestic product (GDP) and the reserves of the Swiss National Bank (SNB). 

Pensionable age Are Swiss women privileged in Europe?

The increase in the retirement age for women from 64 to 65 is one of the most controversial parts of Switzerland's pension reform package.

Opinion Double ‘yes’ vote will secure our old age

The Pensions 2020 is a balanced package that guarantees our old-age provisions and pensions, says Barbara Gysi.

Opinion Pensions 2020 is a reform in name only

The reform of the old-age and disability pension and the professional pension is not the way to secure pensions for the future, says Petra Gössi.