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Labour market Over two million Swiss are covered by collective labour contracts

More than two million workers in Switzerland have jobs covered by a collective labour agreement which guarantees a minimum wage, the Federal ...

Automatic information exchange ‘New Zealand is robbing us of our Swiss pensions’

Swiss expats in New Zealand want to use Automatic Exchange of Information (AIE) to get a fair distribution of pensions in their adopted country.

Office time How many hours do you work a week?

More than 41 hours and 10 minutes? That’s the average in Switzerland for people with full-time jobs.

Opinion Switzerland, where failure is not an option

Switzerland, says Grégoire Barbey, does not tolerate failure. The country has two faces, one shiny and successful, the other difficult and repressed.

Making ends meet How far does CHF6,000 really get you in Switzerland?

Salaries in Switzerland can seem high to people living in other countries, but a look at the expenses facing Swiss residents tells a different story.

Paid time off What would paternity leave mean for the Swiss?

Labour law in Switzerland does not provide any paternity leave. Now Swiss voters must decide whether to introduce it.