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Parliamentary elections ‘The anger of the Swiss Abroad has to be taken seriously’

No e-vote option, no successful candidate, a lower turnout rate – the recent parliamentary elections were not a success for expat Swiss.

#SWIontour What Swiss living abroad want from politicians at home

What do Swiss citizens abroad expect from a new parliament? From the politics of their homeland? We asked them.

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#SWIontour How Swiss expats feel about the EU

Switzerland’s relationship with Europe is a topic that concerns Swiss people living all over the world.

gender roles Swiss ambassador to Nepal: ‘We have more to do’ on women's rights

The first Swiss female Ambassador to Nepal shares her views about the transition to a federal democratic republic and the progress in women’s rights.

Parliamentary elections 2019 Expat Swiss lead a ‘Green wave’ in opinion polls

A recent opinion poll has shown that a shift towards Green parties is most pronounced among expatriate Swiss citizens. What are the reasons?

Swiss Abroad Montreux expat meeting gets a glimpse of the future

The Swiss Abroad Congress has heard politicians, scientists and the business community discussing the challenges ahead.

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Parliamentary elections 2019 Where do the Swiss Abroad win political support?

A look at which major political parties were most friendly to expat Swiss over the last four years.

Interview: Remo Gysin Expat Swiss lament government’s ‘lack of leadership’ on e-voting

E-voting is no longer an option for the parliamentary elections in October. What does this mean for the expatriate Swiss community?

E-Voting These are the arguments that sank e-voting in Switzerland

The idea of e-voting in Switzerland has been shelved for the moment. So what are the arguments against it?

Swiss in the US: Part 3 of 4 Hundreds of Swiss in ‘Land of 10,000 Lakes’

The Twin Cities Swiss American Association, founded in 1973, boasts 425 members – 43 of whom have joined in the past year.

Stories of Swiss diplomacy When the death of a diplomat challenged Swiss neutrality

Forty years ago, Hugo Wey was shot dead in El Salvador, a sign that Swiss neutrality could not protect diplomats from the fallout of local conflicts.