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Swiss in the US: Part 3 of 4 Hundreds of Swiss in ‘Land of 10,000 Lakes’

The Twin Cities Swiss American Association, founded in 1973, boasts 425 members – 43 of whom have joined in the past year.

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Stories of Swiss diplomacy When the death of a diplomat challenged Swiss neutrality

Forty years ago, Hugo Wey was shot dead in El Salvador, a sign that Swiss neutrality could not protect diplomats from the fallout of local conflicts.

Council of the Swiss Abroad PostFinance faces renewed criticism by expat Swiss

The expatriate Swiss community has called for equal access to the services of PostFinance, but it stopped short of suing the state-owned company.

Election barometer Swiss Abroad Why Swiss expats vote differently when they go abroad

Ties between Switzerland and the EU are the main concern of expat Swiss citizens who took part in a poll ahead of the 2019 parliamentary elections.