Clouds over the village of Lenk, canton Bern. 
Getting their feet wet: the alpine ecosystem of Leysin in French-speaking Switzerland is a fertile environment for budding scientists.

Lost in the cold Raptors in the grips of winter

A harsher winter is making life difficult for Switzerland’s owls and birds of prey. They are unable to find food because the ground is frozen and ...

Google Street View images of more than 80% of Singapore's road network were analysed using an algorithm
Consuming cereal grains grown in selenium-poor soil can lead to a dietary deficiency of this trace mineral.
The Aletsch glacier as seen from the Moosfluh on January 23, 2017
The lack of water in December has also affected ski areas: here in Adelboden, artificial snow has been used to make a piste on December 29, 2016
Blue skies but ski slopes closed. But perfect weather for para gliders. The Charmey region in the Fribourg Alps on Monday, December 26 
The 134-metre Akademik Tryoshnikov is a Russian scientific research icebreaker, built in 2012 and owned by the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute (AARI).