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covid-19 updates Coronavirus: the situation in Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the countries most affected by the coronavirus, with almost 22,000 positive tests and more than 750 deaths.

Coronavirus crisis Has Switzerland got enough hospital beds?

In many countries the number of hospital beds has decreased in recent years. This could become a problem during the coronavirus crisis.

Swiss Abroad businesses Can expat Swiss get Covid-19 financial aid?

There are question marks over whether Swiss citizens living around the world are entitled to state support to cope with the coronavirus pandemic.

Multilateralism in crisis Will the United Nations soon be obsolete?

Is the international order capable of meeting the enormous challenges facing states and societies around the world?

Coronavirus and employment Pandemic pushes more Swiss businesses to short-time working

In order to avoid mass lay-offs, Swiss firms are resorting to a measure that has proved its worth in times of crisis: short-time working. What is it?

Sculpture   Giacometti’s lost works reappear at Paris show 

Famed Swiss artist Alberto Giacometti destroyed many of his works but some are now being reconstructed.

Abuse Coronavirus is a nightmare for domestic violence victims

Isolation in time of coronavirus also leaves more leeway for violent spouses. Victim support organisations are concerned.    

Coronavirus Should all Swiss be wearing face masks?

“No,” say the Swiss government and the WHO; “yes,” say some European governments and Swiss politicians; “yes and no,” say many opinionated readers.

Coronavirus Swiss commodities sector grapples with Covid-19 turbulence

The importance of commodities and experience in handling fluctuations has helped commodity firms weather the coronavirus storm better than most.

Vaccines, drugs and immunity What Swiss researchers are doing to beat Covid-19

Swiss scientists and drug companies are playing an important role in the global effort to develop treatments or a vaccine for the virus. 

Intensive care unit On the frontline at a Swiss hospital battling Covid-19

Health workers at the University Hospital of canton Fribourg are doing their best amidst a general shortage of personnel, equipment and secure zones.