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Democracy Labs

Making democracy more democratic? Young researchers explain how they’re trying to do that in our video series.

in depth Switzerland and the #DroneFrontier's series with swissnex Boston aimed at exploring the changes to policy and society that accompany innovations in drone technology.

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class divide What the statistics don’t say about teachers’ salaries

How much does a schoolteacher earn in Switzerland? There are big differences between the cantons, and also a gap between theory and practice.

Civic rights The four ingredients of a successful people’s initiative

The people’s initiative is the fundamental instrument of Swiss direct democracy, but what's needed to make it successful?

Final destination What happens when you die on holiday in Switzerland?

A fall on a hiking path or a sudden heart attack could bring your Swiss holiday to an abrupt end. What next?

With or without you What would a no-deal Brexit mean for Brits in Switzerland?

If the UK drops out of the EU without a deal – what will happen to UK citizens in Switzerland? The clock is ticking.

War and revolution The road to proportional representation in Switzerland

Here's how, in 1918, Switzerland made the historic decision to move to a proportional representation system at national level.

Proportional representation When a democratic revolution rocked Swiss politics

The introduction of the proportional representation election system 100 years ago ended the dominance of the party of Switzerland’s founding fathers.

Election barometer Swiss Abroad Why Swiss expats vote differently when they go abroad

Ties between Switzerland and the EU are the main concern of expat Swiss citizens who took part in a poll ahead of the 2019 parliamentary elections.

Devastation When Spanish flu hit Switzerland

The Spanish flu pandemic of 1918-1919 killed 25,000 Swiss people and infected half of the population.