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WEF19 Closing the gender gap: a Swiss view at WEF

IKEA Switzerland CEO Simona Scarpaleggia says what it will take for the global gathering in Davos to achieve a 50-50 gender balance.

Close links Good neighbours: Liechtenstein turns 300

The Principality of Liechtenstein is marking its tercentenary. But 2019 is also 100 years since its rapprochement with Switzerland.

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World Economic Forum 2019

From CEOs to activists, we bring you perspectives and analysis on the future of global business from the 49th World Economic Forum annual meeting.

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100 years on Has the global labour organisation advanced workers’ rights?

Experts reflect on the relevance of the International Labour Organization (ILO) in today’s globalised world.

WEF19 Who’s in the WEF in-crowd?

Making it on the participants list at the World Economic Forum (WEF) annual meeting is no easy feat. Who made the cut this year?

WEF19 security Davos’s main runway, Zurich

A look behind the scenes in the WEF control room at Zurich Airport, and at how motorcades are checked before accessing the runway.

WEF19 WEF 2019: Where global interdependence goes from here

Global cooperation in an era of technological disruption will top this year's World Economic Forum agenda. What does it mean for Swiss companies?

New hats Swiss Guards get a 21st-century headgear update

The Swiss Guards, who have protected the Pope for 500 years, are about to receive new headgear: PVC plastic helmets made with a 3D printer.

European stand-off ‘The EU will not renegotiate the framework treaty with Switzerland’

As signs increasingly suggest that a framework agreement with the EU is heading for failure, a political analyst warns that Brussels will not budge.

Environmental protest Swiss youths strike for climate protection

Young people from schools and universities around Switzerland went on strike Friday to demand greater action to combat climate change.

Design anniversary Time flies: iconic Swiss railway clock turns 75

The clocks in Switzerland's railway stations with their particular modern look have become an icon of Swiss design.