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in depth

big business Eye on the Multinationals

From pharmaceuticals to agribusiness, tobacco, and commodity trading, we look behind the glossy façade of the largest multinational companies.

Holiday traditions 24 days of Swiss-mas

With the holiday season underway, uncover a new Swiss tradition each day.

#DearDemocracy’s international portal for people with a passion for politics

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Living underground Study examines health of Geneva’s undocumented migrants

Little by little, Geneva is discovering more about the thousands of undocumented immigrants thought to be in the region.

Publish or perish How scientists are redefining success

Switzerland wants to help implement alternatives to commonly used quantitative measures of scientific excellence.

Opinion COP24: Text adopted, ambitions abandoned

Youth representatives of the Swiss Youth for Climate had front row seats at the COP24 climate negotiations. They were not impressed by the outcome.

week in numbers Transport, terrorism, and dual-nationals

Almost every article we publish contains a percentage, an age, an amount of money or some other figure. Here’s a round-up of the week.

Take a look Picture of the week

In this series, picture editors choose an image highlighting a news event of the past seven days.

Photography Switzerland after sundown

By day, photographer Dominic Büttner works with light to capture the best shots for his clients. By night, however, he seeks out darker corners.

UN Migration Pact Where Swiss development aid meets migration

Controversial and currently on hold in Switzerland, the UN Migration Pact strives to help people live in peace and follow their dreams.

new drugs Do we need clinics for internet and sex addicts?

One in ten people in Switzerland suffers from some form of behavioural addiction: they cannot live without the internet, gambling, sex or shopping.

Underrepresented women Men appointed to boards because it’s ‘easier’

Few women sit on company boards in Switzerland. Parliament has put off deciding about quotas, but business has ideas about what should be done.

Corruption Venezuelan ex-minister hoarded money in Switzerland

As US justice authorities investigate corruption among Venezuela’s former leaders, there is evidence that embezzled funds flowed into Swiss banks.

Something to sing about How to get a bachelor’s degree in yodelling

People are expected to take singing lessons before applying to join a yodelling club. Now a college is offering a bachelor course in yodelling.