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Art and science How Swiss artists are joining in the climate change debate

Switzerland’s identity, so closely tied to its climate, is changing as the country slowly warms. Artists are now stepping into the mainstream debate.

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Blockchain newsletter Blockchain shares – who needs lawmakers?

The Swiss parliament will soon get to grips with merging the current financial system with new blockchain architecture. This is a bit like ...

Winter tradition What Swiss Santas learn in class

Swiss-style Santas, known as "Samichlauses", go to refresher courses every year to stay at the top of their game.

Milus How a 100-year-old watch brand came back to Switzerland

Charting the rise, fall and resurrection of a classic Swiss watch brand.

Climate crisis COP25: a decisive conference for the future of the planet

The international climate change conference in Madrid (COP25) will look at adopting detailed rules for implementing the Paris Agreement.

Explainer How many steps does it take to pass a Swiss law?

Creating a law in the Swiss political system is a complex and often time-intensive matter that can take between 12 months and over ten years.

Documentary film How René Gardi shaped Swiss views of Africa

In “African Mirror”, director Mischa Hedinger recounts the career of photographer and film-maker René Gardi in colonial Cameroon in the 1950s.

direct democracy A second Brexit referendum? Swiss lessons on repeating votes

Would a second Brexit referendum heal the divisions or simply create more? Swiss democracy could hold some lessons.

political history Switzerland's controversial minaret ban, ten years on

A decade ago, a majority of Swiss voters backed a people’s initiative banning the building of minarets in the country. What has changed since?