Ohio and Texas How confident are US voters in the system?

With Donald Trump having made statements about a “rigged” election, there’s been heightened scrutiny on voting issues across the country. So far, reports indicate isolated issues mainly related to confusion about voter ID laws.external link

As we highlighted earlier, an international delegation of election observers – including four Swiss – is on the ground across the country keeping an eye on proceedings. 

Nick Wenker, a Swiss abroad living in Houston, says he’s also helping keep tabs on the situation, “volunteering all afternoon and evening as a poll monitor in Houston with a non-partisan group called Election Protection to help with monitoring a Spanish-language supermarket that is a voting location.” 

(Nick Wenker)

Joe Varga, a Trump voter and vice chairman of the Holmes County Republicans who lives in the Swiss-founded town of Sugarcreek, Ohio, says he felt some uncertainty when casting his ballot. 

“There was no proof given to me that my choices were scanned correctly. I had received word last week that there would possibly be an 'observer' from a neighboring county present at either my township polling place or at a neighboring polling place - there was none present. Even if an observer were present to oversee the process in my township, he would not have been able to confirm or deny that ballots were scanned correctly.”