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Anti-radicalisation The imam who guides Muslims in Swiss prisons

Imam Mustafa Memeti has been counselling Muslim prisoners for nearly 25 years in several Swiss prisons.

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Religion behind bars Prison imam fights Muslim radicalisation

One in three prisoners in Switzerland worship Allah. But only a few jails allow imams to visit. The regional jail in Bern is one of them.

Costly fix Why Swiss watch repairs are becoming a pain

Even a Swiss-brand watch will not run forever. Nowadays, a minor repair can be very expensive or take months.

Getting behind the wheel Will the Swiss be driving at 17?

Young Swiss looking forward to getting their driving licence may be able to get on the road sooner than they used to. The Federal Roads Office is ...

Helping victims ‘Switzerland has made progress in combating human trafficking’

A growing number of Swiss organisations are working to document cases of human trafficking – such as prostitution, forced begging or organ trade – ...

Radicalisation profile Swiss Jihadi recruits sought ‘fresh start’

What does a typical Swiss Jihadi recruit look like? A university student compiles an in-depth profile using police data on ten fighters.