Explainer Syrian peace talks in Geneva: what’s going on?

Here is a short guide to the sixth round of the intra-Syrian peace negotiations, which are taking place in Geneva and set to run from May 16-19.

Diversity Religious recognition in Switzerland—a cantonal affair

A multicultural society is often a multi-religious one. How can Switzerland best manage its growing diversity and the frictions which can arise?

Yemen crisis ‘We look on as people starve to death, and we do nothing’

Despite the catastrophic situation in Yemen, political scientist Elham Manea still believes the situation is not hopeless in her country.

Russian Revolution Centenary ‘This is about Western perceptions...our relationship to this art’

Bern and Switzerland have more connections to the Russian Revolution than we might at first imagine.

Largest demo ever? Swiss pupils protest school budget cuts


Swiss students are protesting education budget cuts in what could be the largest student demonstration the country has ever seen.

Turkish voters in Switzerland Erdogan: a hero for some, a dictator for others

He’s brought the country forwards, say his supporters; he’s driving it to ruin, say his opponents. The Turkish diaspora in ...

Criticism of Israel Swiss hold their course at Human Rights Council


Switzerland has continued to support resolutions that are critical of Israel at the 34th session of the Human Rights Council (HRC) – ...