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"Siberia of Switzerland" freezes again

The village of La Brévine in the Neuchâtel Jura has confirmed its reputation as the coldest place in Switzerland, with temperatures falling to minus 34.2 degrees Celsius.

The drop, which occurred on Saturday evening and early Sunday morning, made La Brévine the coldest place in the country so far this year.

Many parts of Switzerland saw the mercury fall to between minus ten and minus 20 degrees. In Buchs, canton Aargau, temperatures fell to -14.9 degrees. It was -14.4 at the Zurich airport, -12.9 in Bern and -16 in Basel.

The resort town of Davos saw temperatures drop to -19.1 and thermometers recorded -12.6 in Geneva.

Authorities blamed the cold snap on arctic air moving in from Russia and Eastern Europe. An absence of cloud cover caused temperatures to drop more than normal. and agencies