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Seatbelt statistics Buckling up still less common in the back seat

Drivers on the motorway had the highest level of seatbelt use


Although the number of drivers and front-seat passengers wearing seatbelts has reached a record high in Switzerland, one quarter of back-seat passengers still fail to buckle up, an annual survey has found.

The Swiss Council for Accident Prevention checked around 45,000 passengers in cars bearing Swiss plates at 73 locations in the months of April and June 2014.

It found that overall, 94% of drivers and 93% of front-seat passengers were wearing their seatbelts, a 2% increase over 2013. Seatbelt wearing was highest on the motorway, remaining stable at 97%.

Fewer backseat passengers (77%) were found to be wearing seatbelts. And drivers of vehicles carrying passengers (95%) were more likely to wear seatbelts than drivers of vehicles carrying goods (84%).

There were differences in seatbelt use in the different language regions, with 94% of German-speakers, 90% of French-speakers and 83% of Italian-speakers buckling up.

Seatbelts have been required in the front seat since 1981, and in the back seat since 1994. and agencies