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Curious Switzerland Your questions become our stories

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Whether you live in Switzerland or abroad, we want to know what you’re wondering about the country. Submit your questions about all things Swiss and help drive our future coverage. 

For example, did you notice something while out and about in Switzerland that piqued your curiosity? Is there a Swiss law or policy that you would like more information about? Or did you hear about something involving Switzerland that you’d like us to look into? Submit your questions and contact information via the form below. That way we can get in touch if we find an answer. 


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All submitted questions will go directly to our editorial staff, who will choose several for you to vote on via this page at a later date. Once we have a winner, we’ll get to work!

Our last round of questions and voting resulted in this story based on a question from reader Stéphane Bisinger, who asked, "Why does Switzerland have such a long and strange official work week? And are (or were) there efforts to reduce it?" 

And in a previous round, reader Juan Escobar Konanz asked, "A Swiss wants to return after living abroad. Can she receive any kind of support if she doesn't completely have the means to settle down?" This was the result: 

Many of the questions we receive from readers have to do with issues we've reported on in the past. Here's a selection of those questions, with answers from our coverage:

Is it true that the town of Albinen in Switzerland is paying people CHF25,000 to move there? Yes, it's true - with caveats. All the details here. 

Most foreigners have an extremely difficult time integrating in Switzerland when settling in; why is that? We had a look at this question back in 2016, in this article.  If you're new to Switzerland and want to learn more about its customs and society, this free app provides a fun way to do it.

Switzerland is considered to be one of the richest countries in the world, so why do we have lots of old age pensioners in hardship & poverty? This article explains that the elderly are especially affected by the growing gap between rich and poor in Switzerland, while this collection of stories external linklooks at the issues surrounding growing old in the country. 

How does the Swiss health care system work? This section of our "Switzerland: How To"external link guide to the country outlines the health insurance system. And here is an explanation of the Swiss health system as part of our recent series on the topic, driven by reader questions regarding health care.

Please tell me about the education system in Switzerland. Here is a collection external linkof our stories on the topic. 

Is it true that until the end of 2017 those who have a Swiss grandparent or great-grandparent can apply for Swiss citizenship? Yes; Here is everything you need to know on the issue. 

What is the process of getting a job like in Switzerland? Also a popular question. Here is our detailed explanation, also part of the "Switzerland: How To" collection.external link 

Why can't the Swiss government intervene to make sure UN interns in Geneva get paid? Unpaid internships in Geneva have been a hot topic that led to protests this year. Here is a look at the situation and why it's hard for the Swiss government to get involved. 

We discussed some of these questions and many more on a live broadcast via our Facebook pageexternal link:

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