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Elections 2015

Switzerland’s parliament has shifted to the right – this is the outcome of the federal elections of October 18, 2015. The main winner: the conservative right Swiss People’s Party, with almost 30% of the vote and 11 extra seats in the House of Representatives. 

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Eidgenössische Wahlen 2015 – ein Dossier von

Final results

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Swiss Abroad

#SWIontour What Swiss living abroad want from politicians at home

What do Swiss citizens abroad expect from a new parliament? From the politics of their homeland? We asked them.

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The parties' positions

Other voices in parliament Small parties of protest and principle

In the Swiss parliament there are four small parties with one or more seats. Two of these parties are fighting against immigration and alignment ...

The Green Party ‘Our job is to maintain pressure over green issues’

Switzerland’s leftwing Green Party has two main strategies for the next legislative period: making sure the energy strategy is carried out and ...

Christian Democrats ‘Renouncing EU bilateral accords would be disastrous’

Safeguarding bilateral accords with the European Union will be essential to maintaining the health of the Swiss economy during the course of the ...

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Swiss politics, explained

Swiss political system

Switzerland was not always a nation-state in the modern sense, but a loose alliance of autonomous cantons that came together under a federal ...


Visual data

Behind the figures Party strongholds and political battlefields 1971−2011

This is how communes have voted in elections since 1971: Swiss People’s Party vs. Social Democrats in canton Vaud, Uri as a traditional Radical ...

Town and country Urban and rural areas still split on political lines

The political divide between cities and their suburbs is narrowing, according to research based on the result of every single popular vote since 1983.

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From the archives: the 2011 elections

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The two chamber system How parliamentary elections work in Switzerland

Every four years the Swiss elect political representatives. Parliament is split into two chambers to balance the interests of the different cantons.

Smartphone app Test your knowledge with politbox

How much do you know about Switzerland and the issues affecting it? Test your knowledge with the new quiz app "politbox" from the Swiss ...

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