Learning the trade

On-the-job training Swiss-Mexican alliance for apprenticeships

An alliance between Mexico and Switzerland has been set up to help improve training prospects for young people. It’s come after an official visit ...

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Making it work

Swiss workforce More working hours for women? Easier said than done

With a labour shortage looming, there is a debate on how to incentivise women to increase their workload.

Decoding coders The women shaping tech in Switzerland

A movement has started in Zurich to bring together women who work in the tech field that could break male dominance in the sector.

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The price of success?

Seasonal labour Why Swiss unemployment money is paid to Portuguese

Many foreign workers can claim unemployment benefits in their home countries during winter breaks. In order to comply with the free movement of ...

Labour market Wage abuse cases rise in Switzerland

One in ten Swiss firms without a collective bargaining agreement underpaid its workers in 2014, according to checks carried out by the State ...

Ecopop Immigration caps to reduce ecological footprint

A controversial approach to reduce population growth in Switzerland will be decided by voters on November 30. The Ecopop initiative wants to curb ...

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Immigration quotas

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Work permits

Obtaining a permit to work in Switzerland depends on many factors, including where you are from, the skills you have and quotas. Switzerland has ...

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