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War Materiel Swiss arms trade is booming

Swiss companies exported nearly CHF273 million ($276 million)  worth of war material in the first half of 2019.

This content was published on July 16, 2019 3:01 PM
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Baselworld 2019 Start-ups out to conquer the watchmaking world

With several traditional watchmakers not in attendance, Baselworld has this year launched a platform to showcase industry start-ups.

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Pharma, biotechnology and agriculture

Swiss-made agrotech Swiss start-up leads the fight against food waste

A Swiss agrotech start-up has declared war on food waste with the development of a natural product that fights pathogenic fungi.

Gene therapy GE, Roche, Spark: flair for genes

The fear of missing out is a powerful motivator. Dealmaking in healthcare is often fuelled by a drive to outbid rivals for cutting-edge technology. 

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Technology, renewables and niche sectors

A hard-earned thirst Micro-breweries battle for space in growing Swiss beer market

Switzerland’s love of beer is driving a boom in local craft beer brewers. Now home to more than 1,000 breweries, is there a risk of market saturation?

Swiss craft beer How the Three Ladies tickle the taste buds

Brasserie Trois Dames in western Switzerland has built up a reputation as a local brewer of quality beer since its creation in 2003.

Trisa's Dental democracy Swiss toothbrush company gives workers a say

Toothbrushes made by Swiss family enterprise Trisa clean the teeth of people on every continent. The company has a unique employee philosophy.

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Nouvo Made in Switzerland

What does it take to be able to proudly label a product as 'Made in Switzerland'?

Defining Swissness To be, or not to be, Swiss made

Goods with the ‘Swiss Made’ label have to meet stricter criteria since the beginning of the year to protect the use of the ‘Swiss’ name in products.

Cocoa kings The pioneers of Switzerland’s ‘Chocolate Revolution’

How did a country without a single homegrown cocoa bean become one of the world’s leading chocolate manufacturers?

An existential label 'The Swiss made label reaps billions of francs for Swiss watchmaking'

A new law that has come into force will define whether your Swiss watch really is Swiss after all.

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Baselworld 2017 Six things you should know about the watchmaking industry

Why is Switzerland so dominant in this sector? How many Swiss watchmakers are there? Is Rolex the best known brand?