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Mubarak probe Swiss to request legal aid from Egypt

The Swiss justice authorities will be asking for Egypt’s support in their criminal investigation into funds linked to the entourage of former ...

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Returning home Swiss to aid Chadian refugees from Libya

Switzerland is to provide $2.9 million (SFr3.1 million) to help resettle Chadians who had been working for many years in Libya, and returned home ...

Libya attack ICRC vows to maintain presence in Libya

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has said it will stay in Libya, despite suspending its work in the port of Misrata and in the ...

Troubled transition Divisions threaten to mar Libyan elections

Libya holds its first free elections in about 60 years on Saturday against a backdrop of armed groups rallying for support, separatism and a ...

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Frustrations fester Political battles overshadow Arab Spring gains

The Arab Spring represents a tectonic shift in the region’s political landscape. Yet two years on, divisions between secularists and Islamists ...

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Egyptian photographers In the eyes of the al-Shorouk newspaper

The two rooms devoted to picture editing are small and the three computers old. But there is a dedicated staff member to serve visitors tea, ...

The illustrated Arab Spring

Cartoonist Patrick Chappatte's view of the changing Arab world. Chappatte has wryly summarised events of the Arab Spring since they began hitting ...

Under construction Libya after the revolution

Libya holds its first democratic election in July. No one knows how many bumps lie in the road ahead. But despite all those challenges, and the ...