Editorial: Ueli Steck Remembering a great Swiss

With records as a solo and speed climber, the Swiss top alpinist made himself immortal. But that’s not only what drove Ueli Steck.

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Speedy summit Swiss climber sets Matterhorn record

A century and a half after the first ascent of the Matterhorn, Swiss climber Dani Arnold has summited its north face in a new record time of one ...

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Timeline From mere mortal to climbing superstar

A look back at the life of phenomenal alpinist and speed mountaineer Ueli Steck.

82 Alps in 80 days Ueli Steck aims for new climbing high

This summer, Swiss speed climber Ueli Steck is planning to scale all 82 European Alps over 4,000 metres in 80 days. (SRF/ The "Swiss ...

Steck speaks Ueli Steck on his return to the Himalayas

Swiss climber Ueli Steck speaks with's Billi Bierling about his return to the Himalayas following a fight with sherpas in the spring ...