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Inheritance tax

Tax equity or business burden? Initiative takes aim at inherited millions

A proposed tax on legacies over CHF2 million ($2.1 million), to be voted on in June, is intended to redistribute wealth and ensure funding of old ...

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Funding of public radio and TV

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Genetic embryo screening

Genetic screening vote Bioethics: too complex for direct democracy?

As the Swiss weigh up whether to allow the screening of IVF embryos, how do voters inform themselves on complex emotional issues?

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Harmonised student grants

Equal standards Student grants torn between fairness and federalism

Should Switzerland’s 26 cantonal grant schemes be harmonised? Voters will decide on June 14 on the proposal put forward by the main Students’ ...

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Cantonal votes

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Democracy in action Going to the polls

A vote weekend in Switzerland - ballots are cast at local, cantonal and national levels. Swiss citizens are called to cast their votes several ...

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