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Issue at stake: Single health insurance

Opinion Health insurance needs to be more democratic

If the initiative “For a single public health insurer” is adopted in the upcoming nationwide vote on September 28, Switzerland’s health insurance ...

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Issue at stake: VAT on eating out

Tax rate vote Restaurant owners cry foul over takeaways

Swiss restaurants and hotels have been suffering as a result of competition from takeaways. Their trade association has mounted a political ...

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Key facts

Final results:

Single health insurance company:

38.2.% yes 61.8% no

Unified VAT rate in catering industry:

28.5% yes 71.5% no

Turnout: 46.7%

About 170,000 citizens, notably Swiss expats, were eligible to vote online. Nearly 26,000 of them – 15.2% - used the opportunity to take part in ongoing trials with e-voting, according to the Federal Chancellery.

An estimated 5.2 million Swiss citizens were eligible to take part in the nationwide vote - the third in a series of four ballots this year.

Up to 162,000 of them, mostly registered members of the Swiss expatriate community, were able to have a say online as part of an ongoing trial with e-voting.

Apart from the nationwide ballot, numerous votes on a variety of issues were scheduled in many cantons and at a local level on the same day.

Democracy in action Going to the polls

A vote weekend in Switzerland - ballots are cast at local, cantonal and national levels. Swiss citizens are called to cast their votes several ...