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Iris Szeghy (1956). A portrait of the composer comprising recent works. Goldeberg Trio Lucerne (a.o.).

Iris Szeghy.


Hungarian contemporary composer Iris Szeghy, born 1956, grew up in Eastern Slovakia. After piano studies she completed further composition studies at the Bratislava music academy in 1989. Since then, she has won much international acclaim and encouragement for her works. In 2001 she chose Zurich as residence and has soon become a part of the Swiss classical music scene. In 2007 she was awarded the Composition Prize of Canton Zurich. This "Musiques Suisses/Grammont Portrait" of Iris Szeghy includes such - up to date - works as the "Canticum", the "Goldberg" String Trio, "Ad Parnassum" (for Strings) a.o. Among the performers are: Israel Yinon (conductor), Teodoro Anzellotti (accordion); Goldberg Trio Lucerne; Leila Pfister (Mezzosoprano); Camerata Berne; Erich Höbarth (conductor, soloist).