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Today I'm crossing over from Canton Ticino to Canton Valais.

It's sort of a reversal of the migration route of the Walser people of Bosco-Gurin, except that everything is different. Besides our obviously different times and circumstances, there's the matter of route.

I thought about them yesterday as I crossed the Passo San Giacomo, which they likely crossed as well some 800 years ago.

But today I'm headed over glaciers and mountains that would have made no sense to an ancient traveler. We have the luxury to play in high places now, and I have no cows to attend to. Cattle can't graze up here in the ice and the rocks.

But this notion of the old migration routes of our ancestors got me to thinking how interesting it would be to follow their old paths.

Of course many are buried under modern asphalt, but others like the routes taken to reach Bosco-Gurin, Comologno, Centovalli, and so many other places would be great fun to explore and to learn about their histories.

Hmm, maybe another project is born?