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Ils Fränzlis da Tschlin: Fränzlis Live!

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Traditional dances from Canton Grisons. Named after the legendary Fränzli ensemble from the 19th century the Janett family of our days has taken over the latters legacy since the 80ies. All of its members enjoyed classical training but nevertheless returned to folk music to play the old Polkas, Mazurkas, Waltzes and Marches of their homeland the Lower-Engadin. Their interpretations display subtle nobility and is rich of dynamics. This album comprises recordings from Zurich, Davos and Strada. With Dari Janett (cornet); Domenic Janett (clarinet); Men Steiner (violin); Madlaina Janett (viola); Curdin Janett (bass).

Il galop dals Ernis

Ils Fränzlis da Tschlin