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Forgotten women artists ‘Swiss art museums must become more female’

Women are not visible enough in the Swiss art world, says Fanni Fetzer, the director of the Lucerne Art Museum.

Artistic imbalance Women artists struggle for visibility in Swiss museums

Male artists far outnumber their female counterparts in Swiss art museums, our research shows.

Health scare How serious is Switzerland's measles situation?

In 2019, more measles cases have already been reported than in all of last year. But compared to a decade ago, it's still relatively low. 

Parliamentary elections 2019 Four parties stand out ahead of national elections

We take a closer look at the success of the Greens, the Radical-Liberals, the Social Democrats and the Liberal Greens in cantonal polls.

Mind the gap Swiss workplace inequality, by the numbers

We look at five areas in which women are still underrepresented, and how the Swiss compare internationally.

Linguistic trends French flourishes in Switzerland

While French is spoken more and more, fewer and fewer Swiss speak German regularly. The main reason for this is migration.