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55th Solothurn Film Festival ‘The Swiss are all foreigners, aren’t we?’

The 55th Solothurn Film Festival opens its doors today marking the debut of a new director, Anita Hugi.

Swiss abroad The Swiss behind the world’s ‘most beautiful’ bookshop

The world-famous El Ateneo Grand Splendid bookshop in Argentina’s capital owes its existence to an entrepreneurial family with Swiss roots. 

72nd Locarno Film Festival The Grand Hotel Locarno – where it all began

Asleep for 15 years, the majestic Grande Albergo Locarno has briefly opened its doors to offer a glimpse of Festival history.

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Passione partecipativa Volti della democrazia

Il Forum sulla democrazia diretta, in corso in questi giorni a Roma, attira partecipanti da tutto il mondo. Breve carrellata.

Intervista a Francesca Bria L'esperimento Barcellona

La capitale della Catalogna è all'avanguardia in materia di partecipazione dei cittadini. A capo dell'innovazione digitale vi è un'italiana, ...

Permanent reductions Where the poor go shopping

Take a look inside the oldest Caritas shop in Switzerland - where groceries are always sold at knock-down prices to help people who have less.

Doris Leuthard - Interview Teil 2

(Carlo Pisani,

ProtonMail explained How secure are your emails?

(Carlo Pisani,

Upper Valais Sepp Blatter, a son of Visp

Visp is the town in canton Valais where Sepp Blatter grew up and that he still visits regularly, where he feels welcomed by the local population.

The letter A second version (Part 1)

This is the first part of an interview with Matthias Taugwalder. His great-great grandfather, Peter Taugwalder Junior, was one on the first ascent ...

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