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Nouvo Switzerland in numbers

Behind every story we report on Nouvo there’s a percentage, a number, a fact.

nouvo Switzerland in quotes

From the press to TV news, tweets or even official press releases, there are plenty of people commenting on what’s going on in Switzerland.

nouvo Politics, j'adore! - episode 5

The relationship between young people and politics? It’s complicated. But for some the passion still burns.

nouvo Smile for future

Hundreds of young climate activists are brainstorming in Lausanne at the SMILE for future climate summit, attended by Greta Thunberg as well.

nouvo New from old

What happens to old boats and small lamps that nobody wants anymore? People can bring these used items to recycling centres to give them a new home.

nouvo What makes you feel Swiss?

Is it the love of chocolate? Or the fact of always being on time? Hear what people had to say in all four national languages.

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