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Nouvo Switzerland in numbers

Behind every story we report on Nouvo there’s a percentage, a number, a fact.

nouvo Littering kills

Dropping the odd bit of rubbish on the ground won’t hurt anyone, right…? Actually, it can, and that’s why this video contains sensitive content.

nouvo Who's hiding in those lobbies?

In this episode we wander around lobbies and corridors to explain how interest groups get the ear of the politicians elected to the Swiss parliament.

nouvo Switzerland in quotes

From the press to TV news, tweets or even official press releases, there are plenty of people commenting on what’s going on in Switzerland.

nouvo Local superfoods as superheroes

The interest in so-called superfood has grown recently but some of them are pretty bad for the planet. Here are some local options.

nouvo Part-time parenting

Becoming a parent can spell career compromises: less than 7% of couples with children decide to both work part-time to split childcare duties.

nouvo A duty of remembrance

“Excluded & locked up”: Switzerland’s darkest chapter.

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