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nouvo It's the first time that...

On October 20 Switzerland elects its new parliament. About 5.3 million Swiss citizens are eligible to vote for their representatives. What are the ...

Nouvo Switzerland in numbers

Behind every story we report on Nouvo there’s a percentage, a number, a fact.

nouvo How to choose your candidates

Still don't know who to vote for from the 4652 people running for parliament? Take a quick test!

nouvo Switzerland in quotes

From the press to TV news, tweets or even official press releases, there are plenty of people commenting on what’s going on in Switzerland.

2019 Swiss Elections Politicians prefer knocking on doors to posting on Instagram

In the lead-up to parliamentary elections, all Swiss political parties are using social media, but they remain less active online than on the streets.

nouvo A sex change in the army

Becoming Christine: a lieutenant colonel in the Swiss army tells her story

nouvo The rebellion comes to Switzerland

Turning the Limmat river green, organising picnics on bridges, blocking busy roads: climate activists from the Swiss chapter of the Extinction ...

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