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Swiss Press prizes 2020 Awards celebrate best Swiss photos of the year

Yves Leresche has been announced as the 2020 Swiss Press Photographer of the year. He was selected for photos he took at the historic women’s ...

Micro habitat Tiny houses carve a small niche in Switzerland

Despite the legal difficulties in Switzerland, one occasionally comes across a tiny house next to a farm, on wasteland or even in the city. 

#Swisshistorypics A Swiss family dynasty captures photographic history

Over the course of a century the Zbinden family photographed the events in Schwarzenburg, a small commune near Bern.

Spreitenbach ‘Shoppi’ The first Swiss shopping mall

The “Shoppi” in a Zurich-area suburb changed the Swiss shopping style.  Prosperity in Switzerland rose massively after the Second World War.

Landscapes and flora The lost world of Swiss Alpine biodiversity

An illustrated volume containing some of the first colour images of Swiss landscapes traces the beginnings of research into ecosystems. 

Seismic shifts in society Switzerland in 2019: the year in pictures

From climate change to the Green wave in the national elections: our relationship with nature marked 2019.

Looking back How Swiss cartoonists saw 2019

It’s hard to top the absurdity of a president wanting to buy another country. Here’s how Swiss political cartoonists illustrated 2019.

Forest reborn The positive side of Hurricane Lothar

Exactly 20 years ago more than ten million trees were knocked over in Switzerland. But the disaster wasn’t all bad, according to forestry experts. 

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