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Ski nation? Getting the Swiss back on skis

How can the Swiss be persuaded to hit the slopes again?

Cost of living How do the Swiss spend their money?

Swiss households have an average net income of CHF7,124 ($7,140) - but where does it all go?

Quality of the media 2018 Swiss media stuck in negative spiral

The Swiss media landscape remains of high quality but an “alarmingly high” concentration is a real problem for democracy.

Mental health Over 27% of Swiss workers are stressed

Workplace stress is on the rise, particularly among younger workers – who often show up feeling unwell. The consequences are costly. 

Milk run Why Swiss cows climb mountains

Around 270,000 cows are marched from their valley farms to mountain meadows every summer, just to come back down again in early autumn. 

Football stats The Swiss World Cup squad – everything you need to know

Swiss coach Vladimir Petkovic has opted for continuity in his 23-man squad for the 2018 World Cup. But who's the only one to play for a Swiss team?

Participatory innovation Swiss direct democracy follows in Oregon’s footsteps

How do you make Switzerland even more democratic? By involving randomly chosen citizens in the deliberation process ahead of popular votes.

Public finances How does Switzerland spend its taxpayers' money?

After the government revealed a large surplus in Switzerland's public finances earlier this week, we wondered how the country spends its money.

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