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Law and order  Switzerland sees more online crime amid coronavirus shock

Creative criminals are cashing in on the Covid-19 pandemic, tricking people out of their money online.

Cost of living Ranking finds Swiss cities less expensive

Zurich and Geneva have slid down the rankings since last year. The full effect of the coronavirus crisis remains to be seen.

This content was published on April 14, 2020 9:48 AM

covid-19 Chasing the numbers behind the virus in Switzerland

For those not on the frontline, the fight to rein in the spread of the coronavirus often boils down to watching an unfolding data game.

Old ammo Unexploded munitions continue to reverberate in Switzerland

Old Second World War bombs, grenades and other explosives are still causing headaches for the Swiss authorities.

World Economic Forum Who’s who at WEF 2020 in Davos?

Many eyes will be on big names like Donald and Greta, but some of the most interesting speakers in Davos may well be the ones you’ve never heard of.

Swiss political system  A pluralistic government built on consensus 

A look at the issues affecting Switzerland's multi-party government, which will be elected for a four-year term on Wednesday.

Archaeology Discovering Switzerland’s buried treasure

From gold pendants and bronze hands to coin-filled jugs, X marks the spot of some of the most significant recent finds.

2019 parliamentary elections What do Swiss political parties stand for?

Right, left, centre...that's how political parties are usually described. But where do they stand on the main themes dominating Swiss politics?

Swiss glaciers series: 3,000 – 4,500 metres Glaciers and the changing landscape in the Alps

The Swiss are going to enormous lengths to protect their shrinking glaciers from further erosion.

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