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V-Dem index One-third of the world living in ‘autocratising’ countries

The number of people living under autocratic systems has risen to 1990 levels, but it’s not time to sound democracy’s death knell.

Vote May 19, 2019 Corporate tax: slowing down the race to the bottom

Switzerland will soon vote on a revision of the corporate taxation system. How does this fit into international efforts to tackle avoidance?

'Make Swiss democracy safe again' How e-voting became a fight for democracy

After years of tests, Swiss e-voting is at a crossroads. The government wants to extend it; a cross-party campaign wants to stop it altogether.

IPMC2019: Otfried Jarren ‘Journalists must get a grip’ to protect independent media

How has mass media, and its impact on society, changed over the past 40 years? Otfried Jarren has spent his career immersed in that question. 

IPMC2019 Public media and young viewers: are they flicking over?

One year after voters thumpingly rejected the idea of scrapping the licence fee, the SBC tackles the challenge of securing future audiences.

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