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Federal Council elections What’s the essence of modern leadership?

As Switzerland unveils its two newest Federal Councillors, we asked readers, experts, and politicians what kind of skills they should have.

Big Tech EU parliament approves contentious online copyright reform

The decision was heavily lobbied both by publishers and free speech advocates. Switzerland is not yet directly implicated.

Bike politics Shared bikes, vandalism, and public space in Bern

The Swiss capital has seen an explosion in cyclists on its streets in recent years, an increase encouraged by authorities, but not everyone.

urban governance As cities grow in power, Geneva tries to follow

More and more, cities and mayors are taking an active role in building global governance structures. A new paper looks at Geneva’s efforts to keep up.

rental market How the government is regulating Airbnb in Switzerland

A new proposal could make it easier for tenants to sublet using online platforms such as Airbnb. Other regulations continue to clamp down.

World.Minds An ‘ideas salon’ for the 21st century

Jet suits, flying cars and plenty of canapés were just some of the highlights at the recent World.Minds conference on mobility in Zurich.

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