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Presidential explainer Switzerland’s 18 living ex-presidents: a political record

Eighteen former Swiss presidents are still alive. What does this record say about the country’s political stability and leadership? 

Cabinet elections Viola Amherd and Karin Keller-Sutter elected to government

Viola Amherd and Karin Keller-Sutter have been chosen by parliament to join Switzerland’s seven-person executive, the Federal Council. 

Home away from home Basel and Zug rated most popular Swiss expat cities

Although expats in Basel, Zug and Lausanne enjoy a very high quality of life, those in Zurich and Bern struggle with settling in. 

Swiss reaction Threat of gridlock spoils Democrats’ ‘revenge’ in US midterms

The Swiss press wonders: will Donald Trump double-down his attacks on the Democrats and any other perceived enemy, or consider seeking compromises? 

100 years ago César Ritz, ‘the king of hoteliers and the hotelier of kings’

César Ritz died exactly 100 years ago, having created a hotel empire and redefined luxury. Not bad for the 13th child of a Swiss mountain farmer.

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