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Cabinet elections Green Party bid for seat in Swiss government fails

Parliament has confirmed the members of the Swiss government for the next four years. 

Parliamentary elections The race for Swiss Senate seats is open

Just when you thought Swiss parliamentary elections were over, the suspense continues in many regions with run-off polls for the Senate this month.

Parliamentary elections How global warming and young voters swung the Swiss elections

Young, highly-qualified voters in urban regions are behind the spectacular surge of Green parties in Sunday’s elections to the Swiss parliament.

Switzerland voted Swiss elections: Landslide Green gains tip parliament to the left

Green parties have made major gains at the expense of parties to the right and the left in elections to the Swiss parliament.

Parliamentary elections Green gains could tip parliament slightly left

The Swiss parliament is set for a slight shift to the left at the expense of the political right, according to a final pre-election poll.

Parliamentary elections Green parties consolidate gains in latest Swiss election poll

Environmentalist groups have continued to win support while the right looks set to lose ground according to the latest SBC election barometer.

Interview: Remo Gysin Expat Swiss lament government’s ‘lack of leadership’ on e-voting

E-voting is no longer an option for the parliamentary elections in October. What does this mean for the expatriate Swiss community?

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