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Vote November 25 Support for ‘Swiss law first’ initiative remains limited

A rightwing proposal to put Swiss law above international law has failed to win more support. It looks set for rejection by voters on November 25.

Job advert Wanted: politicians with liberal, European profile

An unusual ad in the Swiss press has caught public attention. A political movement is looking for candidates for the 2019 parliament elections.

Vote November 25, 2018 ‘Swiss first’ principle could cause upset at ballot box

A proposal to put the Swiss constitution above international law and the promotion of cows with horns could win a majority in next month’s vote.

Election barometer Swiss Abroad Why Swiss expats vote differently when they go abroad

Ties between Switzerland and the EU are the main concern of expat Swiss citizens who took part in a poll ahead of the 2019 parliamentary elections.

Election barometer Worries over global warming boost hopes of Green Party

The centre-left could win back some ground in the 2019 Swiss parliamentary elections from the political right, according to a new opinion poll.

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