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Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe attends a news conference after close of regular parliament session at his official residence in Tokyo, Japan, June 19, 2017. REUTERS/Toru Hanai


TOKYO (Reuters) - Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said on Monday he hopes to reach a broad deal on signing an economic partnership agreement (EPA) with the European Union as soon as possible.

"Signing an EPA (with the E.U.) is a process that allows us to create a free, fair and rule-based trade system suitable for the 21st century," Abe told a news conference.

Abe also said his administration would continue to make economic revitalisation a top priority in policy-making to boost jobs and household incomes.

As part of its growth strategy for the economy, the government will soon create a panel of experts to discuss ways to make better use of human resources, he said.

(Reporting by Leika Kihara and Kiyoshi Takenaka)


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