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Rehabilitation Swiss engineers to assist Mexico’s post-quake efforts

Switzerland is sending a team of civil engineers to Mexico to help rescuers cope with the aftermath of Tuesday’s huge earthquake.

Tumbling mountains High-tech protection from rockslides

When every minute counts, advanced warning systems are a matter of life and death for people who live in rockslide danger zones.

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Moving mountain Search for Bondo landslide victims abandoned


Another landslide on Friday afternoon reached Bondo, the village hit by a huge landslide on Wednesday. Nobody was hurt.

Bondo disaster Swiss mountain moved 10cm a year before crashing down

The mountain that crashed down on Bondo was deemed at risk after a scientific study detected weaknesses.

Bondo emergency ‘Little chance of survival’ for missing landslide victims


Intensive rescue efforts have been unable to locate eight people missing since a massive landslide hit eastern Switzerland.