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Swiss education Younger children are also skipping school

Most people think school truants are older children, but experts say that cutting school is a growing problem in Switzerland among younger pupils too.

New info portal Swiss students, politicians work towards university access for refugees

Lack of information and money are keeping qualified refugees in Switzerland from studying and launching careers. Students want to change that.

Tougher regulations Is adoption in Switzerland on its way out?

The boom days of adopting children from abroad are over – nowadays hardly anyone is adopting in Switzerland. There are several reasons.

learning disabilities A special school for special needs

At eight years old, Manarekha still has difficulty speaking and counting. But now she is helped by a pioneering school in the Swiss canton of Ticino.

Right to schooling Move to denounce undocumented students causes outcry

A group of right-leaning politicians is calling for schools to inform the authorities if they have illegal immigrants among their pupils.

learning pays Swiss tech universities boost economy by CHF13 billion, report says

Switzerland’s two federal technology institutes account for 100,000 jobs and CHF13 billion in added value to the economy, a new report calculates.