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Animal protection Find the bat!

Dogs are being used to sniff out bats in canton Ticino, so that more can be done to protect the endangered species. If foresters, for example, ...

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Prix Montagne Avalanche control system wins mountain award


Wyssen Avalanche Control, a Bernese company that produces software and applications for avalanche protection, has won the Prix Montagne 2017.  ...

Swiss pioneers The Swiss shark whisperer

Erich Ritter is a leading shark expert and believes they have a reputation for being dangerous, that they don't deserve.

climate change Swiss forests in a race against time

Federal engineers are preparing for forests in the year 2080, by which point temperatures will have risen by four degrees Celsius.

Alpine pasturing All in a day’s work for the Aellig family


The days are long and the work strenuous. And yet every summer, thousands of  Swiss farmers trek up to the ‘Alp’ (the high pasture) with their herds.