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Drone technology Swiss startup flies a kite to produce wind power


Switzerland's Twingtec project has designed a high-altitude solution to harvest wind power in places where normal wind turbines can’t be built.

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Ice discovery Mummified bodies found in Swiss glacier

The frozen remains of a Swiss couple have been found in a glacier in Switzerland. They were farmers who went missing 75 years ago.

Helping nature A new habitat for sand martins

A gravel pit owner in canton Aargau has created a nesting place for sand martins, to try to boost the number of these endangered birds.

Wastewater Why today’s Swiss waterways are fit for swimming

Until the 1950s, waste was dumped directly into Swiss rivers and lakes, resulting in dying fish, bad smells and swimming bans. Much has changed.

Environmental awareness Chinese takeover of Syngenta fires up protestors


Swiss activists from Greenpeace Basel and MultiWatch Basel have protested outside the general shareholders meeting of Basel-based agrochemical ...

Top Temperatures Heatwave ripples across Switzerland

Over the past few nights, temperatures in many regions of Switzerland have not fallen below 20 degrees Celsius. And it's getting hotter. In the ...