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Growing economy Swiss health costs set to exceed CHF10,000 per person

The average Swiss will spend more than CHF10,000 ($10,159) on health care in 2018 and 2019, says an economic research institute and think tank. 

drugs policy No cannabis for scientific studies, says parliament

The Swiss parliament has rejected a motion to allow the use of cannabis in scientific studies investigating the drug’s effects.

#WeAreSwissAbroad – Stephanie Züger-Legler ‘British food is much better than its reputation’

Stephanie Züger-Legler loves her life in northeast England, even though the region faces problems such as homelessness and drug abuse.

Fibres and compensation Asbestos: scientific breakthroughs and political debate

New research has shed light on how asbestos fibres cause cancer, just as Swiss parliamentarians debate how to compensate cancer victims.

World No Tobacco Day A graphic look at global smoking trends

In which countries are people kicking the habit? Are women doing better than men? And what about Switzerland, home to the tobacco industry?

Humanitarian expertise Swiss humanitarian aid unit: rapid response experts for crisis zones

Whether it is water specialists or mediators, Switzerland has some 700 experts who can be deployed in humanitarian crises all over the world.

Initiative filed Swiss to vote on pesticide ban

A popular initiative aimed at banning pesticides throughout Switzerland was filed on Friday with the Federal Chancellery.

Patients vs. patents Swiss campaign to make lifesaving drugs affordable

Swiss authorities must act to make lifesaving drugs more affordable by introducing compulsory licensing, says NGO Public Eye.