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Mental health Over 27% of Swiss workers are stressed

Workplace stress is on the rise, particularly among younger workers – who often show up feeling unwell. The consequences are costly. 

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Devastation When Spanish flu hit Switzerland

The Spanish flu pandemic of 1918-1919 killed 25,000 Swiss people and infected half of the population.

Lobbying Switzerland: the land of the tobacco industry

Though Switzerland has not yet ratified the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, Geneva is hosting an important meeting on the treaty.

Doctors' shortage Start-up funding for GP practices

Switzerland has an acute shortage of general practitioners, and many who are currently practising will soon be entering retirement. But things are ...

Code of conduct E-cigarette industry agrees to voluntary sales ban for minors

Swiss producers of electronic cigarettes, and several retail outlets that sell such products, have agreed to a voluntary ban on the sale to minors ...