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Centenary When a Swiss won a Nobel Prize for literature

The 2019 Nobel Prize for Literature went to Austrian writer Peter Handke. One hundred years ago it was Swiss poet Carl Spitteler who won the award.

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Swiss national museum Homesick for the mountains

Two hundred years ago, homesickness was thought to be a typically Swiss affliction, triggered by ‘Kuhreihen’, old herdsmen’s songs.

Switzerland and the Cold War How the Swiss viewed Communism in the Cold War years

In Switzerland, the Cold War was waged in the minds of the people. The country was overtaken by paranoia that the enemy dwelt within.

Birthday greetings Postcards, now 150 years old, more colourful thanks to Swiss

It was a Zurich lithographer who created an economical and award-winning process to make them more colourful.

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history of tourism Why Thomas Cook’s collapse causes a sentimental sigh in Switzerland

News of Thomas Cook's collapse strikes a nostalgic note for many Swiss, who credit it with helping create the country’s tourist industry.

Anarchists in Switzerland Part 6 How a Montreux bank heist led to calls for the death penalty

In the early 1900s Switzerland was rocked by a wave of terror incidents by foreign anarchists living in the Alpine country.

150th birth anniversary When Gandhi visited Switzerland

Gandhi spent five days in Switzerland in 1931. retraces the Indian leader's footsteps on his 150th birth anniversary.

From our Archives How we reported the outbreak of the Second World War

To mark the 80th anniversary of the outbreak of the Second World War, we dug into our archives to see how our predecessors at Switzerland's Short ...

François Bonivard In the footsteps of the real prisoner of Chillon

Château de Chillon is the most-visited monument in Switzerland. Its reputation is due in large part to Lord Byron’s poem, The Prisoner of Chillon.

ANARCHISTS IN SWITZERLAND part 5 Murder at the Grand Hotel: a deadly mix-up

In 1906, a young Russian woman shoots a French businessman in a hotel in the Swiss mountain village of Interlaken.

Problem groups How to rescue a loved one from a sect

Are you worried that someone you know is drifting away after joining a sect? Swiss helpline Infosekta answers some of our readers’ questions.

50 year anniversary Switzerland and the first Moon landing

Switzerland is marking 50 years since man first set foot on the Moon. How did the event influence the country?

First moon landing The beautiful lunar toy from Bern

The first manned mission to the moon was also one giant leap for the University of Bern, which helped to clear up a misconception about the Big Bang.

Dark chapter in history Portraying survivors of a cruel Swiss care system

Innocent citizens who did not fit in with the norms of Swiss society were placed in orphanages, prisons or detention centres up until 1981.

covering the capital of peace When League of Nations reporters put Geneva on the map

100 years ago, the League of Nations was born, and journalists flocked to Geneva to cover this first global peacekeeping organisation.

#swisshistorypics A century of Circus Knie

One hundred years ago, Circus Knie gave its first performance in the Swiss capital, Bern.