Human interest

Tama's Tales What our food says about us

Tama Vakeesan meets up with her friend Zoe, born in Switzerland to Greek parents, to find out whose mum is the best cook.

Companies rated How companies in Switzerland become best places to work

A new ranking shows the best firms to work for in Switzerland – with Google topping the large companies for a third time in a row.

Swiss bunkers Only cabinet ministers get single rooms

Switzerland has an amazingly extensive underworld. If it were all laid end to end, it would form a tunnel 3,780 kilometres long.

Audrey Hepburn Alles Gute zum Geburtstag

Audrey Hepburn geboren am 4. Mai 1929 in der Schweiz, würde heute 88 Jahre alt. Sie war eine Schauspielerin britisch-niederländischer ...

Young female academics Why talented women are disappearing from Swiss universities

There are equal numbers of men and women doing PhDs in Switzerland, but by post-doc level, the number of women dwindles.